10 Tips On How To Stop Smoking


25 Aug 2019

Smoking is injurious to health and tips on how to stop smoking and buying health insurance for cancer. Visit Kotak General Insurance for more information today.

Smoking cigarettes can have many adverse effects on the body. It may lead to life-threating complications. Smoking cigarettes affects the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the reproductive system, the skin, and the eyes, and it increases the risk of different cancers.

Despite being aware about these effects, smokers find various excuses to continue smoking cigarettes. “Smoking helps me cope up with my stressful job”, “My smoking doesn’t harm anyone else”, “The filter gets rid of the toxins”. There are multiple reasons that keep smokers addicted to the habit.

It is key to understand that habit of smoking can be stopped easily. Here are some tips which a smoker could follow and achieve a smoke-free life.

Find Your Reason- You need a personal reason to quit. It could be to reduce your chance of getting lung cancer, heart disease or other conditions. It may also arise from the need to protect your family from passive smoking. Choose your reason that is strong enough to motivate you to quit smoking.

Set your date and time to stop- This way you would have given a deadline for your smoking habit to stop. This will help you commit to stop smoking.

Having your final cigarette will help you follow through your commitment. You are going to relish being a non-smoker right from the moment you put out your last cigarette

Continue with your life as usual. Do not try to avoid smokers. Do not think about opting out of life. Go out and enjoy your social meetings and there is no need to envy smokers. The best way to avoid social pressures for smoking is to simply say “I do not smoke”. Do not get into the story of how you stopped smoking

Avoid substitutes like e-cigarettes, patches, gums, nasal sprays- these only elevate your illusion that you are making a sacrifice. They make it more difficult for you to quit

Remember- once you have stopped smoking there is no such thing as “one last cigarette”- avoid this trap even if you are having a bad moment or are facing a social situation that prompts you to smoke

Clear out all your cigarettes. There is no need to prepare for “emergencies”. Your decision to quit depends on the moment you put out your last cigarette.

Do not force yourself to “not think” about smoking. Instead think about it! Be positive about your decision. Say things like-“Isn’t it amazing. I don’t need to smoke anymore and I don’t want to smoke anymore”

Be open about it to your loved ones. Your friends and family whom you are close to can help you quit. They can encourage you when your inner voice is conflicting with your objective to stop smoking

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your freedom; a smoke-free life that you can cherish for the rest of your life

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