Predicting colorectal cancer risk: Insights into gut microbiome variations


05 Feb 2024

Read more to know about the gut microbiome variations.

Cancer is still a half-solved mystery and multiple studies and research are going across the globe to understand its causes and nature completely. As you do not know all its causes and symptoms, it is better to take proper precautions beforehand. Such precautions include proper diet, exercise, and maintaining proper health insurance.

What is the gut microbiome?

A microbiome is a unique collection of fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Every human body, even that of a newborn baby, is a conglomeration of innumerable fungi, bacteria, and viruses. These microorganisms are essential for maintaining daily physical functions.

The human digestive system is a complex system and the process follows an advanced and very complicated procedure of gradually breaking down the food particles and absorbing the nutrients. Gut microbiomes or good gut bacteria take an active part in this process, ensuring the retention of a healthy physique.

Functions of gut microbiome

Gut microbiomes essentially stay within the human intestine, contributing to the digestive procedure. Some of the most significant functions of gut microbiomes include:

  • Performs significant functions in the digestive procedure by breaking down the food particles into nutrients, dietary fibres, and complex carbohydrates. They produce essential chain fatty acids and enzymes for vitamin synthesis.

  • Microbiomes essentially communicate with the immune cells to control several functions of the immune system. These organisms respond to infections and ensure the retention of proper health.

  • Well-functional gut microbiomes also stimulate the immune system cells, allowing the maintenance of a well-performing brain as the brain and guts are interconnected with nerves.

  • Gut microbiomes also tend to maintain a healthy endocrine system, allowing essential hormone production, responsible for effective metabolism.

Can gut microbiome variations be capable of predicting colorectal cancer risk?

There has been a surge of colorectal cancer especially among the younger generation. This cancer begins from the intestine or gut eventually creating a precancerous lesion there. It is very significant to remove these lesions to check the onset of colorectal cancer.

Studies have shown that people with cancer tend to possess an entirely different set of gut microbiomes than normal healthy individuals. This makes it quite plausible to establish a secure connection between colorectal cancer and gut microbiome.

According to a special study of the United European Gastroenterology 2023 annual meeting, it has been inferred that gut microbiomes may aid in predicting the risk of eventual colon cancer.

The gut or the intestine is also responsible for other significant bodily functions like bowel movements, liver functions, etc. This study further states gut microbiomes also help in steady testing. An early step in the right direction may save a lot of potential health hazards and ensure fast recovery.

Measures to improve gut microbiome:

Some of the effective measures to improve good gut bacteria and gut microbiomes include:

  • Incorporating fresh vegetables and fruits into daily diet

  • Maintaining a proper and healthy sleep routine

  • Ensure a daily exercise routine

  • Enhanced intake of dietary fibre, etc.


Now that you know the importance of maintaining the gut microbiome – take some measures to keep up with it – and always have health insurance for unforeseen circumstances.

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