PPMC health insurance - What does it cover?


09 Jun 2023

Understanding the Coverage of PPMC Health Insurance Plans

For practically everyone, having comprehensive health insurance has become a basic need. The rising price of healthcare and the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases are the two main reasons for this necessary requirement.

Knowing about various health insurance features, particularly Pre-Policy Medical Check-ups or PPMC health insurance, is essential in such a situation.

Before approving and offering coverage to a prospective policyholder, online health insurance companies may require a set of medical examinations known as a "pre-policy medical check-up." This set of medical exams establishes the applicant's health fitness and aids the insurer in determining if the applicant is eligible for the policy. Also, it is crucial to determine the payable premiums for the concerned health insurance policy.

The applicant's age and the policy's scope are the two variables that determine how many pre-policy medical exams are required. If the policyholder is older than 45, most online health insurance companies demand PPMC health insurance.

Importance of choosing a health insurance policy with pre-policy medical tests

Pre-policy medical exams are becoming more and more common and are now required by several health insurance providers. These exams are crucial in a variety of ways, such as -

  • They serve as a benchmark by which the insurance provider can assess the policyholder's current state of health.

  • They disclose any existing medical issues the applicant might not know about.

  • These tests' results reports are vital records for settling claims in the future and act as the basis for deciding the deductibles and insurance premiums.

Normally, people may consciously or unknowingly attempt to avoid these medical examinations. Yet, if individuals were aware of the advantages of pre-policy tests, they might not be as opposed to the idea.

What tests are typically performed during pre-policy medical examinations?

Before issuing a health insurance policy, insurance companies frequently conduct various PPMC tests. The health insurance provider may raise the premium rates if a person has a pre-existing ailment.

Before enrolling, it's crucial to learn whether your health insurance plan requires medical exams so that you can be ready. Understanding what they specifically test for and how the outcomes can affect your coverage is also critical.

The tests typically performed during the check-up are done by an experienced medical practitioner appointed by the insurance provider company. Below are some examples of basic medical investigations that are done -

  • Whole blood count (CBC)

  • Quick blood sugar

  • Vital indications such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate

  • ECG

  • Urinalysis

  • Profile of lipids

  • Tests for blood serum or serology, etc.


A PPMC health insurance plan will help you gain several benefits. While you are young, you should invest in a comprehensive health insurance plan with the necessary add-ons. You would gain wide health coverage for a low price.

Otherwise, if you or your parents still do not have a health insurance plan, buy it as soon as possible and live with peace of mind.

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