Plant-powered living: Unveiling the benefits of a plant-based diet


02 Jan 2024

Embracing a Plant-Based Lifestyle: Boost Your Health and Secure Your Future with Kotak Insurance.

What you eat has a great impact on your overall health. This is why you need to eat healthy and focus on staying fit from within. A health insurance by Kotak General Insurance can help you if you get ill, but prevention is always better than cure. Choosing a plant-based diet can help you stay fit. Read on to know more.

What is a vegan lifestyle?

Veganism is a cruelty-free way of life. When you choose to go vegan, you don't consume any products that have been made by putting the life of a living organism in danger. Vegans don't use products such as leather shoes or animal-tested cosmetics. They also refrain from eating any food that has any animal-based ingredients in it like meat and dairy. They also stay away from foods like honey, which involves hurting bees during the extraction process. While most people follow veganism to go cruelty-free, others genuinely like the health benefits of plant-powered living.

Benefits of a plant-based diet

But now the question remains, where does plant-based nutrition come from? Fortunately, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, all have a lot of nutritional value and you get a lot of goodness when you follow a plant-based diet. Some of the benefits include:

Better heart health

Animal products like red meat and eggs are known to increase your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They also lead to a uric acid imbalance and many other health issues. One of the handiest vegan lifestyle benefits is an improvement in your heart health.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Several studies have proved that relying on a plant-based diet can help cut down your chances of contracting type 2 diabetes. Hence, when you turn vegan, you end up making very few health insurance claims, as harmful illnesses like diabetes are kept away.

Good for weight loss

This is one of the best plant-based diet advantages. You get to lose weight because plant-based foods have lower fat content as compared to red meats and dairy products. They also have a lower GI, which keeps you fuller for a longer time.

Reduces the risk of cancer

A veggie-rich diet provides your body with natural cancer-fighting elements like phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and fibre in their purest forms. This is very helpful in preventing the onset of some cancers in the long run.

A word of caution

While there are some very handy plant diet advantages, you have to exercise caution and ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs. Cutting down on meat and dairy can reduce the protein and calcium levels in the body, which can make you sick. Ensure you get all the goodness you need by eating the best plant-based food.


Shifting to a vegan lifestyle has several advantages. Just ensure you don't neglect your health. Eat wisely, cover all the food groups in your diet and also invest in a good mediclaim policy so that your wellness is always guaranteed.

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