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26 Feb 2018

Health insurance policy is an important part of financial planning for every individual these days. While a comprehensive health insurance offers basic medical cover, one can opt for various riders to extend cover of the policy. Know about the essential r

Increasing need for financial planning and uncertainty of medical emergency, a health insurance plan becomes a must have for individuals. Also, by paying a little extra, one can add riders to enhance overall value of health cover.

Some of the most financially well-planned individuals make buying health insurance as one of their top financial goals. You may wonder why. This is because health insurance is one of the wisest moves one may make in terms of securing one’s finances especially when an uncertain medical emergency strikes.

When people do not have health insurance, they end up receiving less and untimely medical care, have poorer health outcomes, and tend to be a financial burden on their families if anything goes wrong. A financially well-planned individual is quite aware of these facts and hence invests in not just health insurance but also buys add-on covers to enhance his/her already existing health insurance policy.

Add-ons, also popularly known as riders, are attachments you buy for your existing health insurance policy that enhance the value and coverage of your policy at a certain cost. Here’s a list of some of the best add-ons you may consider buying for your health insurance policy:

Critical Illness Cover

Treating a critical illness often ends up burning a hole in people’s pockets. Adding a critical illness cover ensures that the health insurance company pays a lump sum amount, apart from the regular payout, in case the insured is diagnosed with a pre-specified illness like cancer, heart ailments, brain tumours, and kidney failure, among others.

Personal Accident Benefit

In case the insured meets with an untimely accidental death or becomes permanently disabled after an accident, this add-on offers the insured’s family monetary compensation. The sum received from this add-on ensures that the insured’s family does not have to face financial crisis during difficult times.

Loss of Job Benefit

A person being rendered unemployed is stressful enough. But when this is backed by a pending loan, it adds to all the more stress. In such a situation, this rider added to the mediclaim plan comes to one’s aid by providing financial support when most needed.

Child Education Benefit

This add-on is useful when the insured has children, as it provides financial stability to the insured’s family in case he/she meets with an accident that leads to death or total permanent disability. This add-on ensures that the insured’s children continue their education without any interruption due to any mishap or unfortunate incident.

With so many benefits to be enjoyed, by paying an affordable sum over and above your regular health insurance premium, an add-on truly offers complete value for money along with added protection.

Written By: Kadambari Mukherjee, Assistant Vice President - Products

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