20 Jun 2019

As the monsoons come every year with a promise to refresh you it can also be hard on your health. It is essential to take a comprehensive health insurance policy.

The monsoon season brings a new vigour with it as it arrives after the long summer season. The sweat, the stress and the frustration that the heat had mounted on our lives was dissolved with the first showers! But, not everything is glistening during monsoon. With cool showers the season also invites trouble, with the diseases it spreads making us vulnerable. To enjoy the monsoon to the fullest all you need to do is be diligent towards your health. Here we provide you easy to follow tips that will help you during the monsoon season.

  • Follow a healthy diet- Make sure you eat a wholesome meal consisting of more veggies and fruits. Stay away from oily food, although it might be very tempting. Consuming oily food can cause throat irritation or can lead to an upset stomach. You naturally tend to crave street food. But instead try to cook the same at home. Food cooked on the street can cause innumerable infections increasing the chances of your health going for a toss.

  • Wash your hands often- It is imperative that you wash your hands frequently throughout the day during monsoon to avoid getting infected. Following this will help you stay bacteria free and reduce your vulnerability to diseases.

  • Carry Extra Pair of Clothes- Even though you might carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat, there is good chance of you getting wet because of heavy rains. It is always better to have an extra pair of dry clothes with you so that you don’t need to sit around in your wet clothes for long hours.

  • Wear Monsoon footwear- Buying monsoon friendly footwear is necessary because they dry quickly leaving your feet dry, if you continue to wear your normal footwear they would retain the water. Your feet will remain wet as long as you wear them making your skin open to bacterial infections.

  • Consume Healthy Fluids - You might not feel as thirsty as you feel during summers, it is still essential that you keep yourself hydrated all the time during monsoon. Drinking hot herbal tea may help you stay healthy and keep monsoon diseases at bay. It helps to boost your immune system. But keep in mind that excess intake of tea or coffee tends to cause dehydration in the body.

  • Getting a comprehensive health insurance policy - Even after taking all the precautions there is a chance that you or any of your loved ones could fall sick, more so during the monsoons. It is a must that you insure yourself and your family with a comprehensive health policy to avoid any tension that might arise in case of an emergency situation. Kotak Health Premier is a comprehensive health cover that meets all your needs and also gives you various add-on benefits. Some of the key features of the policy are mentioned below to give you an idea of why this policy is suitable for your needs.

    1. In-patient Treatment- Medical expenses like room rent, ICU charges, operation theatre charges, doctor’s fees, etc. arising out of minimum 24 hours of hospitalization will be covered.

    2. Annual Health Check-up- The policy includes one free health check-up for each insured person above 18 years of age for specified tests.

    3. Alternative Treatment - Policy covers inpatient medical expenses related to Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy systems.

    4. Cumulative Bonus- Cumulative bonus can be earned up to 50% / 100% of the sum insured as per plan opted in case of a claim free year at 10% per year. There will be no reduction in cumulative bonus in case of a claim

    5. Health & Rewards (Basis Plan Opted) - Get awarded for taking care of your health/ fitness through regular preventative and fitness habits. You can also earn reward points for your healthy lifestyle changes.

    6. Ambulance cover- Policy will cover ambulance for transportation to the hospital in case of an emergency.

As the monsoons come every year with a promise to refresh you it can also be hard on your health. Frequent cold and cough, malaria, dengue, diarrhoea, fever, typhoid, and pneumonia are some of the common diseases that top the list during the monsoons. It is extremely pivotal that you take care of your health during this season and club with it a comprehensive health insurance policy to ensure you are taken care of if you happen to fall sick! We wish you have a very pleasant monsoon!

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Written By: PR Balasubramaniam, Vice President, Underwriting- Health

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