Mastering cashless health insurance: Choosing the right network hospital


12 Feb 2024

Learn more about the cashless mediclaim policy and choose the right network hospital.

The sole purpose of buying health insurance is financial support during a medical need or a medical emergency. An individual or a family undergoing a medical situation need not worry about the expenses incurred in the treatment if they have cashless health insurance. It not only provides cashless medical treatment but also gives access to quality healthcare services. Keep reading to learn more about the cashless mediclaim policy.

Cashless health insurance: Meaning, types and features

Cashless health insurance is where you can get medical treatment at a network hospital without paying anything from your pocket. The hospital bills are settled directly by the insurer up to the sum insured by your health insurance.

Types of cashless health insurance plans

Cashless health insurance can be classified into the following types:

Individual cashless health insurance

It is a mediclaim policy providing cashless medical treatment to individuals at the network hospitals according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Family floater cashless health insurance

It is a health insurance policy covering all members of the family and providing cashless facilities at the network hospitals.

Cashless health insurance for seniors

It is health insurance tailor-made for people above 60 years providing cashless medical treatment facilities at network hospitals.

Features of cashless health insurance plans

The following are the key features of cashless health insurance:

Network hospitals

Network hospitals are empanelled hospitals in the insurance company’s network which provides cashless medical treatment to the company’s policyholders. Every insurer has a tie-up with private and public hospitals across India. A wide network means more hospital choices for the policyholders. You can avail of cashless facilities for hospitalisation and surgery expenses at network hospitals. Proximity and medical facilities available are two important factors to consider during a network hospital selection.

Fast claim settlement

When you avail of cashless treatment, it does not require extensive paperwork. You just have to approach the insurer’s helpdesk at the network hospital as per specified timelines to get your claim settled.

Comprehensive coverage

Cashless health insurance not only covers hospitalisation expenses but also offers comprehensive coverage including ambulance coverage, coverage for a second opinion in case of critical illnesses and coverage during travel.

Value-added services

There are many value-added services available with cashless health insurance such as free annual check-ups at network labs, and discounts at fitness centres through network providers.

Tax saving

You can get tax benefits on the premiums paid for cashless health insurance, whether it is for individual, family or senior citizens.


Cashless health insurance covers your medical expenses and provides you access to the best medical care during a medical emergency. However, before you buy a cashless mediclaim policy, review its inclusions and exclusions, and also check the network of hospitals to avoid claim rejection at the last moment. Compare different plans and their features to make an informed decision. Explore health insurance plans from Kotak General Insurance to get the best treatment at a cashless network hospital near you.

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