Important questions to ask the insurer when buying health insurance plan


25 Jul 2023

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Today, even as people are increasingly becoming aware about the importance of buying health insurance policy for the family, they tend to purchase a plan that may not suffice for the family in need. Also, many people get influenced from others and make a purchase. For example, a person tends to buy the same policy that their neighbour or friend has purchased without realising the fact that the policy may not be suitable for their needs, or it may not give enough coverage for the family.

So, when you buy a health insurance policy, you must assess your needs well, and know what the insurance plan offers. The best way to find out about the policy is to ask the insurer the following important questions.

What type of health insurance policy is it?

When you buy health insurance, you must get a clear understanding of the policy type, whether it is indemnity, critical illness, or fixed benefit policy. This will help you make an informed purchase decision. Also, it is imperative that you go through the terms and conditions in detail and see if it suits your specific requirements.

What does the policy cover?

The primary objective of buying a health insurance plan is to get financial protection against healthcare expenses. So, it is vital to ask the insurer about what the policy covers, and its inclusions. Generally, a standard health insurance plan offers coverage against inpatient treatment, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses, ambulance charges, etc. You must know the coverage beforehand to avoid confusion at the last minute when you raise a claim.

What are the policy exclusions?

Just as it is vital to know about the policy inclusions, you must be aware of its exclusions. You must also have a clear understanding of the waiting period, and the extent of the coverage offered. The exclusions in health insurance differ from one insurer to another. Therefore, being aware of these will help you choose the right policy.

Does the policy cover routine tests?

Certain illnesses may require you to undergo regular health checks-ups to monitor the progress and health condition. These tests can sometimes be expensive. So, you must ask the insurer whether the policy will pay for the routine check-ups and diagnostic tests.

What is the maximum number of claims allowed in one year?

Generally, health insurance plans have no restrictions on the number of claims you can make in one year. However, if your previous claims have used up all the sum assured, you cannot make a claim further. However, you must still get clarity about the claim limit.

What is the claim filing process?

When you purchase a health insurance policy you must ask the insurer about the claim filing process. This will help you go through the process fast during an emergency. Make sure to ask them about the documents required for claim initiation so that you can be prepared accordingly.

What is the premium for the policy?

Generally, the insurers determine the premium based on your age, existing health condition, the type of policy you choose, deductibles, etc. So, know about the premium beforehand so that you can decide if it is affordable to you and fits your budget.

Final Word

Before you purchase health insurance, create a list of important questions you must ask the insurer and decide if the policy is right for you based on the answers you get. You can talk to our customer care executive via toll-free number or visit our website for more details. Also, it is paramount that you carefully read and understand the policy wordings before you sign the dotted lines.

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