How to file a health insurance claim?


12 Jan 2024

Mastering Insurance Claim Filing.

Filing a health insurance claim involves notifying your insurance provider about your medical expenses. The process for health insurance with Kotak General Insurance requires submitting relevant documents like medical bills, diagnostic reports, and doctor’s prescriptions. Usually, it starts with informing the insurer about the treatment. Post-hospitalisation, the claim form needs to be filled out and sent with the necessary documents to the company for approval. Timely claim submissions ensure a quick settlement. Knowing the process aids in availing benefits efficiently.

Here, we discuss two types of medical insurance claim methods, namely cashless and reimbursement. In particular, we focus on the Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance claim process, demonstrating how to claim health insurance smoothly and successfully.

Process to file a health insurance claims

The cashless process

One method of making a medical insurance claim is the cashless process. With cashless hospitalisation, you do not need to pay for your treatment up-front. Instead, your insurance company directly settles the bill with the hospital.

Health insurance and cashless claim process

For health insurance from Kotak General Insurance, the process for a cashless medical insurance claim starts with seeking treatment in one of Kotak General Insurance's cashless network hospitals. First, inform Kotak General Insurance's health insurance desk about the hospitalisation, either through an online intimation on the website or via their helpline number.

Following this, the hospital's insurance desk will send a pre-authorisation request form to Kotak General Insurance's claims management team. This form will contain details of the insured's health condition and proposed treatment plan.

Once Kotak General Insurance receives and reviews this form, they may approve the cashless claim if the terms of the policy cover the health issue in question. Keep in mind, that how to claim health insurance efficiently depends on clear, prompt communication.

The reimbursement process

The reimbursement claim process occurs when you have already paid for your treatment and are now seeking a refund.

Health insurance and reimbursement claim process

In the case of the Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance reimbursement claim process, after you pay for the actual treatment at the hospital, you must submit original copies of your medical invoices, along with a completed claim form, to the insurer for a reimbursement claim.

Further, your medical reports, discharge summary, and a copy of a valid ID proof also form part of the claim. Submit these documents to the Kotak General Insurance's claim management team either by courier or upload on the website.

The health insurance from Kotak General Insurance claim team reviews your documents and reimburses the approved amount if your health issue is covered under your insurance policy terms. Learning how to claim health insurance reimbursements helps you recoup your costs after medical treatment.


Understanding the health insurance claim process, especially specific steps involved in Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance and medical insurance claims, makes your claim journey smooth. Ensure clear, timely communication with your insurance provider, provide all required documentation, and understand your policy terms to succeed in your claim process.

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