How to choose the right health insurance plan for your family?


12 Jan 2024

Finding the Ideal Family Coverage.

Choosing the right family health insurance plan is of paramount importance, not just for financial stability but also to ensure optimal healthcare access. Kotak General Insurance offers varied family health insurance plans, and making the right choice may seem overwhelming. With this guide, we aim to simplify this task.

Health insurance from Kotak General Insurance have significantly diversified their product portfolio over the years, tailoring health insurance schemes to cater to different customer demographics and requirements. Family health insurance is a popular category in the insurance market, providing protection for the entire family under a single policy. A single premium need to be paid to the insurer, which reduces the hassle of managing different policies for different family members.

The right family health insurance plan in India

Here's how to choose the right family health insurance plan in India:

  1. Determine your insurance needs:

    Before you look at various family health insurance plans, the first step is to identify your family’s health needs. Keep in mind your family's age composition, any existing diseases, frequency of medical consultations, the nature of treatments availed etc. If your family has more elderly members or members with a history of chronic ailments, opting for a high-coverage family medical insurance plan should be a consideration.

  1. Look for comprehensive coverage:

    The policy should offer comprehensive coverage inclusive of pre and post-hospitalisation charges, ambulance fees, room charges, daycare procedures, health check-ups etc. Also, your insurer should offer cover for all types of illnesses, including critical diseases. Some insurers provide add-on benefits such as maternity cover, newborn cover, etc., in their family medical insurance plans.

  1. Understand the claim settlement ratio:

    The CSR or the claim settlement ratio indicates the efficiency of the insurer in settling claims. A higher ratio means the insurer is reliable and settles a higher percentage of claims received. This ensures that if the need arises, your claim won't be denied by the insurer.

  1. Waiting period clauses:

    Kotak General Insurance include waiting period clauses in their policies. This is the duration before which no claim for certain illnesses or treatments will be settled by the insurer. Family health insurance plans with a lesser waiting period are more favourable, especially if you have elder members in the family.

  1. Network hospitals:

    Network hospitals are those hospitals where your insurer allows cashless treatments. Always check the insurer's list of network hospitals; they should be conveniently located and well-equipped.

  1. Consider the cost:

    Lastly, the premium of the policy plays a significant role. Affordable family health insurance should offer adequate coverage while not burning a hole in your pocket. You can increase your coverage by purchasing add-ons, but these will increase the cost of the premium. It's always good to compare family health insurance plans provided by various insurers in terms of coverage and cost before deciding.


The right family health insurance plan is the one that offers the necessary coverage in line with the health needs of your family medical insurance and suits your budget. The key lies in striking the right balance between your insurance needs and affordability. Remember to read the policy wordings carefully in your family health insurance and understand the terms and conditions of your insurer such as Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance before you finalise your plan.

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