How To Choose Proper Coverage for Health Insurance


25 Jul 2023

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If you are thinking of buying a health insurance policy, you have taken one step towards protecting yourself from facing a financial problem due to a medical emergency in the family. And, before you make the final decision to purchase the policy you want, you must ask yourself one critical question – ‘How much coverage do I need?’ In other words, you must decide the sum insured of the policy.

The sum insured of a health insurance policy is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay when you raise a claim. If the medical bill amount is more than the sum insured, you must pay the difference amount from your pocket. Most of the health insurance buyers in India tend to buy health insurance with a lower sum insured as the premium is less, only to later realise that they are underinsured.

So, to avoid this mistake, you must choose the sum insured carefully. But how? The following tips may be helpful to you.


Your age is a critical determinant for the extent of health insurance coverage you need. If you are young, you are probably healthy, and you can afford to buy a plan with a lower sum insured so that the premium is affordable.

However, it is better to increase the sum insured gradually as you grow older. This will help you get maximum coverage against medical expenses. If you are looking to buy a healthcare plan for your entire family, then consider the age of the oldest family member and choose the sum insured accordingly.

Since the older members may be vulnerable to various illnesses, you may file multiple claims. So, ensure that the sum insured is big enough to cover the medical expenses of all your family members.

Health status

You must consider your health status while deciding on the appropriate health insurance coverage. If you have any underlying illness or your family has a history of a critical condition like cancer, you may be at high risk of being diagnosed with it. Hence, it is advisable that you buy a policy with a higher sum insured to cover the medical expenses.


Whether you want to buy an individual or a family floater health insurance policy, you cannot overlook the importance of affordability and budget. The premium for the policy you buy must be affordable and fit your budget.

There is no point in buying a policy with high coverage if you cannot pay the premium. If you fail to pay the premium, the insurer will cancel the policy. So, it is advisable to assess your financial status, decide the maximum premium you can pay, and choose the policy coverage accordingly.

Lifestyle habits

Your lifestyle habits have a massive impact on your health. If you have an active lifestyle, eat healthy food, and exercise every day, you may be fit, and the chances are low that you would get ill frequently. In contrast, if you have a sedentary lifestyle where you work for long hours and do not indulge in physical activities, you would be vulnerable to various diseases.

Similarly, if you have the habit of smoking, consuming alcohol or using any other narcotic substance, you would be at high risk of suffering from serious health conditions. In such cases, it is better to buy a health insurance policy with a high sum assured of twenty five lakhs or more to get sufficient coverage.

Final Word

It is high time that you realise the importance of buying a health insurance policy and not see it just as a tax-saving instrument. Make sure that you buy a policy with a high sum insured to get adequate coverage for a long time. Kotak General Insurance offers comprehensive health insurance plans with high sum assured and several other benefits to help you get maximum coverage. You can visit our website to know more about our range of health insurance plans.

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