How Kotak Health Insurance Plans by Kotak help you secure your medical needs


25 Jul 2023

Secure your family's medical needs & enjoy comprehensive coverage, cashless treatment, and expert advice for a healthier future. Get Kotak Health Insurance today!

For people all across the globe, lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease are becoming a major concern. In a developing country like India, these conditions often require expensive treatments and medications. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to invest in health insurance to ensure financial security should one suffer from any of these illnesses.

Health insurance is a vital tool that can help you in securing your and your family’s medical needs. Kotak health insurance helps protect against high costs associated with treatments, illnesses, and injuries while providing much-needed coverage. Read on to understand how Kotak health insurance plans can help secure your medical needs.

Benefits and features of Health Insurance by Kotak

Having health insurance is essential for both individuals and families. Check out how a health policy can secure your medical needs:

1. In-hospital expenses
In case the insured requires medical attention and requires hospitalisation, the admissible expenses are covered by the insurance company. The insurer will bear the room rent, doctor’s fees, nursing fees, anaesthesia, etc.

2. Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses:
Not just during hospitalisation but medical care is needed even before and after hospitalisation, and it may also attract heavy expenses. Hence, depending on the type of health plan chosen, the medical expenses of a specific number of days before and after the actual hospitalisation are covered.

3. Ambulance service:
If the patient requires the aid of an ambulance to reach the hospital, the road ambulance bills can be claimed. At network hospitals, the expenses are directly covered by your insurance company. However, for a non-network hospital, you may raise a reimbursement claim later on.

4. Daycare procedures:
Not all medical conditions require hospitalisation. So, the expenses of the enlisted daycare procedures carried out in a hospital that does not require hospitalisation of more than 24 hours are covered by the health insurance plan.

5. Cashless treatment:
Health insurance companies allow policyholders an easy and simplified claim settlement process. When you get admitted to a network hospital, the company settles your bills directly with the hospital, giving you the advantage of cashless claims. You can also seek reimbursement if you get the treatment done at a non-network hospital.

6. Add-on benefits:
Kotak health insurance policy policy also allows you to extend the coverage of the plan by purchasing add-on covers. By paying an extra premium, you can further enhance the cover for better protection.

Purchasing Kotak health insurance is very easy. You can either get it online or via your nearest Kotak General Insurance office branch. You may also take the help of a health insurance expert to pick the most suitable health plan for yourself and your family. Not only do you secure financial help during a medical crisis, but a health insurance policy also provides you with tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

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