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An essential part of the salary breakdown that businesses pay to employees in order to accommodate their housing needs is the House Rent Allowance or an HRA. Rule 2A of the Income Tax Rules states that section 10 (13A) of the Income Tax Act applies to HRA for salaried persons. The HRA applies to both paid employees and self-employed individuals. Although self-employed individuals are not considered for the HRA exemption, they may still be qualified for tax advantages under section 80GG of the Income Tax Act.

HRA tax exemption & deduction for salaried people

For the income tax they are obligated to pay each fiscal year, salaried employees are eligible for HRA exemption. In accordance with the Income Tax Act, the least significant factor from the following three is taken into account when calculating the housing rent allowance:

• Amount of the employer's actual House Rent Allowance

• Depending on whether the employee lives in a metro area or a non-metro area, 50% or 40% of your basic pay, respectively.

• Rent paid less than 10% of basic pay.

Here, compensation may come in the form of a base wage, a dearness allowance, and commissions.

Rules for HRA exemption and tax deductions

For HRA claims, the following guidelines apply:

1. Your HRA cannot exceed 50% of your base income.

2. For a home loan, you may be able to receive HRA benefits.

• You can pay rent to your parents if you have your own home and have the necessary documentation to be eligible for HRA benefits.

• If the landlord is an NRI, you may deduct 30% of the rent as tax and then disclose the difference.

• It is required to submit the HRA claim form with the landlord's PAN information if the rent exceeds Rs. 1,00,000.

3. The following guidelines govern the HRA exemption:

• Proof of exact HRA received

• The actual rent paid is more than 10% of the income

• Depending on whether the employee lives in a metro area or a non-metro area, 50% or 40% of your basic pay, respectively.

How much of a tax deduction is allowed under section 80GG?

In accordance with Section 80GG, the least amount out of the following is eligible for tax deductions:

• The yearly rent amount minus 10% of total income spent on rent, or

• 25% of overall yearly income, or

• 5,000 rupees per month, or 60,000/- rupees per year

Required documents for House Rent Allowance (HRA) related tax exemptions

If an employee wants to take advantage of the tax benefits associated with the house rent allowance, they must submit the following documents.

• The employee's rent payment receipts.

• The employee must submit the landlord's or property owner's PAN card information if the amount of rent paid during the specified financial year exceeds Rs.1,00,000.

One must keep in mind that they cannot hold any property while claiming a tax deduction for themselves, their spouse, their minor kid, or as a member of the Hindu Undivided Family. Furthermore, no deduction is permitted if the individual owns any residential property somewhere and receives rent from it. For more information visit Kotak General Insurance.

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