Here's how you can make health insurance reimbursement claims


17 Aug 2023

Mastering the Art of Health Insurance Reimbursement Claims

Understanding health insurance reimbursement

Health insurance reimbursement is the process of getting back the money you spent on medical treatments and services covered by your insurance policy. This process typically involves submitting documents and receipts to your insurance provider, who then evaluates the claim and reimburses you for the eligible expenses.

Guide to making health insurance claim process:

1. Review your policy: Before making a claim, thoroughly review your health insurance policy to understand what medical expenses are covered, the reimbursement process and any specific requirements or limitations.

2. Collect documentation:

  • Prescriptions: Keep prescriptions and receipts for prescribed medications.

  • Doctor's certificate: If required, obtain a doctor's certificate specifying the diagnosis, treatment and the necessity of the medical services.

  • Diagnostic reports: If you underwent diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or lab tests, retain the reports and receipts.

  • Medical bills: Collect itemized bills for all medical treatments, tests, medications and services you received.

3. Contact us: Get in touch with us to understand the specific procedure for reimbursement claims. This might include using a specific claim form or following a particular submission process.

4. Obtain claim form: You can often find a claim form on the kotak general insurance website or request it from their customer service.

5. Fill out the claim form

  • Personal information: Provide your details, policy number and any other required information.

  • Claim details: Specify the details of the treatment, including the date, name of the medical facility, diagnosis and the amount you're claiming.

  • Attach documentation: Attach all the supporting documents, including medical bills, prescriptions and diagnostic reports, to the claim form.

6. Submit the claim

  • Online submission: We offer the option to submit claims online through their kotak general insurance website or mobile app. Scan or take clear photos of the documents and upload them.

  • Physical submission: Make copies of all documents and send them via mail or deliver them to the insurance office.

7. Wait for Processing

Once you've submitted the claim, we will process it. This involves evaluating the documents, verifying the expenses and confirming that they fall within the coverage of your policy.

8. Reimbursement decision

  • Approval: If your claim is approved, you will receive a reimbursement check or bank transfer for the eligible expenses.

  • Rejection: In case your claim is rejected, the insurer will provide you with the reasons for the denial. You can review the denial reasons and, if necessary, appeal the decision with additional information or clarification.

9. Keep records

Maintain copies of all submitted documents, correspondence and the reimbursement decision for your records.

Know about reimbursement claim process for health insurance policies provided by Kotak Mahindra General Insurance Company Limited - watch video!

Tips for a smooth reimbursement claim process

  • Keep all your medical documents organized, including bills, prescriptions and reports, to simplify the reimbursement claim process.

  • Delays in submission might lead to complications in mediclaim reimbursement. Submit your reimbursement claim as soon as possible after receiving medical services.

  • Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy, especially regarding eligible expenses and documentation requirements.

  • If your policy has a network of preferred medical providers, using them can streamline the reimbursement process.

  • Reimbursement claims can take time to process, so exercise patience while waiting for a decision.

The final note

Health insurance reimbursement claims offer a way to recoup the money spent on essential medical treatments. A systematic approach ensures you provide and complete documentation, that can increase the likelihood of a successful claim and to buy health insurance.

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