Here is how you can manage your health amidst the pollution


21 Jul 2023

Learn 5 ways to combat pollution-related health issues, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and get a health insurance plan. Check Kotak General Insurance for more.

Did you know every year, one in six deaths globally is because of pollution? Did you know that in India alone, almost a million people die every year due to the ill effects of air pollution?

India is among the most polluted nations with contaminated water, air, and noise pollution. The major reason for this pollution is the environmental variables. Environmental variables substantially impact our health and lives. Starting from the atmosphere, the air we inhale, the water we drink, to the roads we walk and drive on. Additionally, because of the natural and human-made occurrences, these variables have significantly changed over the period and have become more life-threatening.

Environmental health specialists regularly evaluate human behaviour towards the environment. Our ways of interacting with our surroundings highlight the impacts it leaves on our physical fitness, illness susceptibility, and other relevant components of well-being. Given below are some preventive measures that you can imply to take care of pollution-related health problems:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps in reducing pollution as well as health problems. Hence, avoid smoking, drinking, or consuming drugs. Try to wear a mask outdoors. This way you can stay away from diseases like lung disease, liver cirrhosis, etc.

2. Eat a healthy diet:

Ensure that you are consuming a healthy diet and cutting down the junk. The water should be UV filtered and not just normal filtered. As far as possible, avoid eating or drinking outside, especially from unreliable sources.

3. Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness:

Cleaning the dust from the surfaces is beneficial. Hence, keep your surroundings clean. Keep the shoes outside, and avoid using room fresheners. Wear clean clothes and change them when you come home.

4. Spread climate/environmental awareness:

Awareness of the environment and its importance is essential. It helps you work together as a group/ community to protect it. This way, you can initiate programs on a big scale, like the ongoing plastic bags boycott, stopping the release of industrial wastes in the rivers, switching off vehicles during jams, promoting e-vehicles etc.

5. Opt for health insurance plans:

Access to healthcare services is imperative. Timely treatment and proper healthcare facilities can save the lives of many. Therefore, you must choose a suitable health insurance policy. It covers you as well as your loved ones from uncertain events caused by medical emergencies. You can avail of cashless hospitalisation and get high-quality treatment facilities with modern tools and equipment. A suitable health insurance plan will also help you undergo regular check-ups to keep illnesses and allergies away without straining your pocket.


While averting health problems due to the unabated increase in pollution levels may not always be possible, being prepared for such a situation becomes easier when you have health insurance. A health insurance plan is essential because of the upsurge in chronic conditions spread through the atmosphere and the exorbitant expense of treatment. It covers your pre-and-post-hospitalisation expenses, daycare treatment, ambulance charges, cashless treatment in the network hospitals, lifelong renewability, and so forth. Hence, get health insurance cover for you and your family before pollution can take a toll on your health and finances.

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