Healthy resolutions for new year


12 Jul 2018

Start your new year with resolutions to maintain a healthy life. Here are a few resolutions such exercising daily, investment in a health insurance plan & eat healthy.

Live A Healtheir Life With Healthy Resolutions

The ‘New Year’ has just begun. It is the perfect time to make a resolution, so why not make a healthy one! This year, you may take a resolution to lose the extra fat and be a fitter you. Following are five healthy promises you may live up to this year.

Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity has numerous benefits on your mental and physical health. It not only aids in weight loss but also results in stronger bones and muscles. It also enhances your brain health and memory power. Besides, it increases energy levels and can make you feel happier.

Follow a diet plan

In this fast-paced life, individuals often tend to binge eat on unhealthy food, rather than practicing healthy eating. This New Year, you may chalk out a diet plan and stick to it. Eating a well-balanced and healthy meal offers numerous benefits. It reduces the risk of diseases, such as heart attack, stroke, and certain types of cancers, among others. Following a healthy diet also helps in reducing weight and maintaining your body’s functions in a smooth manner.

Use an activity tracker

Various mobile applications help in tracking your daily activities. You may download such applications to help you meet your fitness goals. You may also invest in a fitness band that offers step-count and distance tracking. Such devices motivate you to achieve more than what you achieved earlier.

Begin weightlifting

The perfect way to move forward this ’new year’ is to do weightlifting. It helps you lose fat and more importantly, contributes to muscle toning. Weightlifting helps in burning calories and increases your metabolism rate. Sweating it out while weightlifting helps you deal with stress in a better manner and makes you more productive.

Sleep on time

Benjamin Franklin had rightly said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Getting a good amount of snooze time provides a much-needed boost to the brain, thus leaving you fresh and focused. Sleeping well also has numerous other benefits, such as controlling diabetes, healthy heart, reducing belly fat, controlling cravings, emotional regulation, and reducing the risk of heart diseases. Health is wealth. Investing in your health is one of the best things you may do in 2018 and always. You may take the aforementioned points as your ‘new year’s resolution’ and stick to it.

To safeguard your health, you may consider purchasing a health insurance. A health insurance policy offers financial protection in case of a medical emergency. You may avail of quality treatment without having to worry about meeting financial expenses. You may buy an individual health policy or a family health plan and safeguard your loved ones.

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