Healthy diet for winters


12 Jul 2018

Stay healthy this winter with a balanced diet. Check out our list of nutritious meal options and learn more about our health insurance plans at Kotak General Insurance.

Nourishing Food Items To Consider For Healthy Meal

The winter season brings along with it spells of cold breeze and pleasant weather. During this season, you tend to feel hungrier and may crave for food more than often. While there is a tendency to overeat due to the pleasant climate, it is necessary to keep in mind that your body needs appropriate nutrition.

Following is a list of top five healthy foods that you may eat during the winters.


Oatmeal not only acts as a perfect breakfast food but also is a great winter food. It is a good source of fiber and contains slower-releasing carbohydrates. Besides, this power food has a high level of zinc and soluble fiber. You may combine oatmeal with hemp, flaxseeds, or berries to keep you satisfied throughout the day.


Soup is undoubtedly one of the best warming winter liquid foods. It acts as a great hydrator and supplies your body with the much-needed liquid. You may have a healthy vegetable soup and add grain crackers in it for an enhanced taste.

Citrus fruits

You may add a bit of sunshine to your winter diet plan by including citrus foods such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruit, among others. These foods are an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, and are low in calories. Besides, consuming these foods lowers the risk of numerous health diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and cataract, among others.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are another great food option to eat during the winters. Dates are known to be warm in nature and hence they are strongly recommended during the cold season. They provide a high degree of magnesium, Vitamin C, as well as a high amount of energy. You may also include almonds and walnuts in your daily winter food plan to benefit from a healthy heart and an active nervous system.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli provide a high degree of defense against winter sickness. They are known to enhance the immune system due to their high level of vitamin C. Besides, these vegetables offer numerous health benefits due to their high nutrient content.

Good nutrition is an integral part of your winter lifestyle. Besides, having a healthy diet plan helps in reducing the risk of numerous medical conditions and diseases. To safeguard yourself against such ailments, you may get health insurance. Investing in a health plan provides peace of mind, as you are covered at all times. You may either opt for an individual health care plan or a family health plan to financially secure your loved ones against medical conditions.

Secure yourself and your family with our health insurance plan.

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