Healthcare heroes: Unravelling the concept of HER in healthcare


18 Jan 2024

Decoding HER: Navigating Healthcare Records

The healthcare sector holds crucial significance in the country’s economy and every individual’s life. To ensure the smooth workflow of every healthcare facility, proper record-keeping of every individual patient is highly essential. This includes the records of health insurance plans too. Efficient healthcare management requires efficient handling and punctual updating of Health Electronic Records (HER). Not only the hospitals, the mediclaim policy providers and health insurance must partake in this record-keeping venture. Kotak General Insurance deserves a special mention in this context.

What is meant by Health Electronic Records (HER)?

HER is referred to as the official health document that is generated during any medical treatment procedure and shared among several agencies and facilities to ensure a smooth treatment process. The importance of electronic health records is increasingly on the rise due to fast digitisation and easy and prompt smartphone access for customers.

With the increasing popularity of homecare and self-care systems, relevant healthcare data is currently generated 24/7, maintaining long-term medical importance and relevance.

Types of data typically included in HER

HER essentially includes certain basic details including:

  1. Contact information

  2. Information about doctors and hospital visits

  3. Allergy information

  4. Mediclaim policy/health insurance details

  5. Hereditary/family records

  6. Immunisation history

  7. Relevant information regarding any particular ailment(s) or health condition

  8. List of medications

  9. Hospitalisation records

  10. Information related to treatment processes and surgeries

  11. Medical reports and images.

Benefits of opting for Health Electronic Records:

Some of the most potent benefits of HER include:

  1. Capacity to automatically update and share relevant health information among necessary authorities

  2. Efficient storage, management, and retrieval

  3. Easy sharing of multimedia information like medical images between different locations

  4. Ensuring easy linking of records to sources of necessary research

  5. Easy standardisation of healthcare services and patient care

  6. Easy management and aggregation of patient information to improve the overall healthcare services

  7. More effortless approach

  8. Improvising decision support systems for healthcare authorities

  9. Potentially lowered healthcare costs, especially in the long run





Efficient time-saver

Tediously time-taking


Saves tons of paper, making it quite eco-friendly

Uses plenty of paper


Except for rather uncommon and very high-level cybersecurity breaches, the data remains safe and secured

More vulnerable to breaches


Cost-effective in the long-run

Comparatively more economical


Easy accessibility and sharing

Quite an arduous job

Accuracy and readability

Highly accurate and easily readable

The doctor’s penmanship might prove to be a difficult barrier

What is the future of Health Electronic Records?

According to expert opinion, HER will involve the following aspects in the future:

  1. Effective reduction of data entry

  2. Creating a more compact and comprehensive patient narrative

  3. Allowing enhanced patient engagement

  4. Ensuring the usage of more precision drugs

  5. Inclusion of remote monitoring

  6. Enhanced transparency

  7. Ensuring efficient and more effective delivery of patient-centred care, etc.


Now you can well understand the importance of electronic health record keeping in this digital era. Moreover, you can further enhance it by purchasing health insurance or general insurance online. The entire IT system has been designed and further updated to handle such complicated record-keeping tactics and ensure smooth healthcare functioning.

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