Family floater health insurance: Comprehensive coverage for all


12 Dec 2023

Efficient Family Coverage: Kotak's Floater Health Insurance.

Some insurance products such as floater health insurance, help you to organise your insurance requirements and categorise a large coverage under a single umbrella. When you buy such a policy, you get coverage for your entire family and this makes it very beneficial. Not only are you able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, but you also get to manage your insurance policy with greater efficiency. The practical family floater plans from Kotak health insurance allow you to do so in a seamless manner.

What is a mediclaim family floater policy?

A family floater mediclaim policy refers to a single health plan that covers multiple members of the same family. The coverage is shared between the family members. All the covers are extended to all the people insured, but you pay a single premium for it. This is a very advantageous and practical type of health coverage, which is extremely popular in India.

Reasons to opt for a family floater health insurance policy

Combined coverage

One of the biggest benefits you get is a combined coverage for yourself, your spouse, your children and your parents. If you have dependent siblings or in-laws, you can get them covered as well. This is very beneficial as you get to manage all the health insurance requirements of your family from one place. The plans are generally flexible and can be customised with the help of riders, making them tailor-made for your requirements.

Comprehensive coverage

The floater health insurance plans offer comprehensive medical coverage. From hospitalisation costs to domiciliary care, from daycare covers to ambulance charges, you get a complete set of health covers when you buy a floater policy. Certain covers, such as maternity insurance and cataract surgery, are available after a waiting period.


The floater insurance plans prove to be more economical as compared to the individual health plans. If you buy individual plans for all the family members, you will end up paying a much higher combined premium as compared to the single premium of a family floater policy. Hence, anyone looking for affordable health insurance must opt for the floater options. In addition to this, you also get tax benefits under Section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act for the health insurance premium you pay, further helping you to save money.

Getting a family floater plan

It is very easy to get a family floater health insurance plan. You can go online and apply for the cover. If you have elderly family members or certain members who have pre-existing health issues, the insurance provider will ask for a pre-policy health screening. Get that done, pay the premium and the policy will be issued to you in just a few days.

The bottom line

A good floater health insurance plan offers several benefits. If you are the head of your family, secure the health of all the family members by purchasing the best family floater health insurance plan. It will offer health coverage, financial protection and the all-important peace of mind.

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