Exercising tips for a healthy heart


15 Jun 2018

Among various things one can do for healthy living, exercising on regular basis & buying a mediclaim plan should be among top priority. Know more on essential exercising tips and which insurance you can invest in stay healthy and secure.

Exercise Tips For Developing A Healthy Heart

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in India. Hence, it is necessary, especially for aged individuals to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Besides, you may adopt a regular exercise regime to enjoy cardiovascular fitness.

Following are five exercise tips you may take into consideration to develop a healthy heart.

Undertake interval training

One of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness is through interval training. Through such a routine, you may alternate between short bursts of intense exercise and small periods of rest. Lowering and increasing your heart rate provides a plethora of benefits such as burning of calories, clearing of sugar from the blood, as well as improving vascular functions, among others.

Do weight training

Weight training, just like interval training, increases your heart rate between your workouts and recovery time. The muscles in the body help in easing the overall burden on the heart, thereby improving your heart health to a great extent.

Practice yoga

In addition to purchasing a senior citizen health insurance plan to enjoy coverage against heart diseases, stepping on your yoga mat goes a long way in enhancing your cardiovascular health. The calming benefits of yoga help in dealing with depression and anxiety—the feelings generally faced by aged individuals suffering from a heart disease. Some of the yoga positions that you may try include padangusthasana, janu sirsasana, supta padangusthasana, and setu bandha sarvangasana, among many others.

Remain active all day long

Being physically active helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. You may undertake regular and moderate physical activity to witness great changes in your overall heart health. You may run errands, pick a hobby such as gardening, climb the stairs, or take long evening strolls to maintain a healthy heart.

Participate in sports

Sports help in reducing the risk of numerous ailments, including heart disease. It results in better heart functions and metabolism. You may, therefore, indulge in sports that are known to lower the risk of cardiac diseases such as tennis, swimming, hiking, and aerobic exercise, among others.

Keep the aforementioned tips in mind, especially if you are an aged heart patient. It is imperative to consult your doctor to discuss the intensity of your exercise.

To financially safeguard yourself from such a medical condition, invest in critical illness insurance in India that offers coverage against cardiovascular diseases. Such plans provide financial protection in case of hospitalization or a heart surgery. You do not have to worry about arranging finances to meet exorbitant medical expenses. Instead, you may enjoy the benefits mediclaim plans have to offer while focusing on your speedy recovery.

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Written By: PR Balasubramaniam, Vice President, Underwriting- Health

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