Essential Documents Required To Get A Health Insurance


14 Oct 2021

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Just like any other insurance policy, once you decide on the health insurance provider and the policy, you are required to compile the essential documents needed to make the process of purchasing a Health Insurance as smooth as possible. In the age of digitization, the amount of physical paperwork and document submission has reduced significantly, making the process easier with the use of electronic documents.

If you are thinking of acquiring a health insurance policy, stop thinking and buy one right away. The faster you purchase a health insurance policy, the faster you can get benefits. Generally, as people age increases, the number of complexities in the body rises. As a consequence, health insurance companies impose higher premiums for insuring people over a specific age.

Documents Required To Buy Health Insurance

To make the procedure of buying health insurance as easy as possible, you must compile the needed documents in advance. These documents comprise the following:

Age Proof –

This document is of eminent significance, as many health insurance policies have a particularized age requirement to be met to be eligible for it. Candidates can proffer any following documents – PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport.

Identity Proof –

All companies need health insurance documents to establish the identity of the insured person. This identification may be beneficial in the future as it can ease the insurer to clarify the sort of coverage covered by the insured. Candidates can submit any following documents such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, or Passport.

Address's Proof –

This document allows the health insurance company issues to be contacted by the insured, as they often mail various communications via post. You can submit any subsequent documents like Driving License, Ration Card, Rent Agreement if applicable, Passport, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, or utility bills such as telephone bill or electricity bill.

Medical Reports –

These documents depend on what the insurer obliges.

Passport-size photographs –

This requirement depends on what the insurer needs.

Proposal Form -

This document should be appropriately filled in and signed in the relevant fields.

Documents Required To Make Claims

Once a person has obtained health insurance, they may be allowed claims that include expenses arising from illness or injury. To successfully submit a claim, the insured must have the following documents available:

• Filled in the claim form

• Medical Certificate

• Discharge of patient summary or card

• Prescription and cash challan from hospitals or pharmacies

• Investigation report

• Medico Legal Certificate (MLC) or FIR – applicable in case of an accident.

Points to keep in mind while buying health insurance

1. Sufficient Sum Insured

Make sure the sum insured in your health insurance plan is sufficient to meet your specific needs. If you already have a pre-existing illness, it is wise to go for a higher sum insured. If you become dissatisfied with the amount received in the time of need, health insurance will fail to serve its aim.

2. Network Hospitals

Insurance agents have a list of hospital networks where they provide cashless treatment. You can select a health plan by reviewing this list of simply accessible hospitals. By doing so, you can get medical treatment conveniently.

3. Coverage Limit

There are many types of health insurance policies that provide different coverage. So, make assured that you read the inclusions and exclusions of your health insurance policy before buying.

4. Claim Settlement Procedure

An insurer that offers an easy claim settlement process is a perfect choice for most people. When there appears to be health issues, you want to get quality healthcare right away. Remember to go through the claim settlement process appropriately, including all the documents needed for health insurance.

Individuals should do due diligence and read the light print carefully before investing in a particular health insurance policy. They should submit all the documents needed to apply for a Health Insurance or Mediclaim policy in advance so that they do not face any trouble at the time of application. The list of insurance documents given above is a valuable tool.

To safeguard yourself and your family from any future medical emergency choose a health insurance plan with Kotak General Insurance and fulfil all your insurance needs.

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