Dos & donts while purchasing medical insurance policy


02 Jun 2023

Essential Do's and Don'ts to Keep in Mind When Buying a Medical Insurance Policy

A medical insurance policy is necessary due to increased treatment costs and diseases and illnesses. Our poor lifestyle invites several diseases and critical illnesses requiring a huge financial investment. Hence, you need to be prepared effectively, and for that, you require a good comprehensive health insurance policy.

However, before buying a health insurance policy, there are certain do's and don'ts that you must keep in mind to ensure you are fully covered. In this blog, let's discuss what you should and should not do while purchasing a health insurance plan -


  • Know all you need

Knowing what you need helps you get better coverage. If you are unaware of what you need or your requirements, you might be left underinsured or over insured, which can cost you an arm and a leg. Hence, understand what you require and discuss the same with your insurance providers before purchasing a policy.

  • Research

Before buying a health insurance plan, it is essential to research the product. This is because researching the type of plan, reading their reviews, and knowing claim settlement records, will help you find the best-suited plan easily.

  • Buy a policy online.

It is advisable to visit the insurance provider's official website, log in, enter your details, and get your quote - it is as simple as that. This will help you save additional expenses. Also, read the policy document to know the coverage and the exclusions.


  • Don't delay in renewing your policy

Remember, you cannot file a claim if your policy is void. So, to avoid this, renew your policy before it ends - every year. Some insurance offers grace periods but does not show negligence toward your health insurance plan.

  • Don't buy without understanding the policy.

Buying a medical insurance policy without understanding its offering is equivalent to remaining uninsured. Always talk to someone or your insurer before finalizing a plan.

  • Don't exclude add-ons.

Add-ons offer extensive coverage in several circumstances in times of need. So, if you feel that there might be a situation requiring more coverage, opt for an add-on without hesitation.

  • Don't hide about your health conditions.

Be honest with your insurance provider. If you hide your health situation and file a claim, the claim might get rejected. Also, do not give false information to your health insurance provider when buying a policy.


Now that you know what to do and what not while buying a medical insurance policy, it will be easier for you to buy and raise a claim whenever necessary. So, if you haven't purchased a health insurance policy, do not wait. Buy one now to cover yourself from the health emergency situation that could be too heavy on your pocket.

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