Managing Diabetes


20 Nov 2019

Importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and controlling the disease

Diabetes is amongst the most common diseases in the world- In India, the prevalence of diabetes stands at 8.9% of the total adult population*. The main causes for the increase in the cases of this body eroding disease are the modern day stressful life, the high sugar intake that comes with it and the unhealthy junk food that has become everyday story. Our health is one of the most important assets but we ignore it or overlook the problems that we face daily. We no more believe in the saying ‘Health is Wealth’.

Diabetes occurs when our body’s blood sugar that is glucose is too high. The level of blood glucose in the body is determined by the food you consume. It is the main source of energy for your body. Insulin, a hormone created by the pancreas is responsible to move the sugar from the blood to be stored in the cells to be used by the body when needed. Sometimes our body doesn’t make enough insulin resulting in our blood carrying high amount of sugar. Over a period of time, having high blood sugar in your body can cause many health problems. This condition is called Diabetes and is a very serious ailment.

Having diabetes can be challenging because it comes with a lot of caution and care. It can take a toll on the patient as well as the near and dear ones. Following are the complications that can be caused because of diabetes -

1. Eye problems that may lead to complete blindness

2. Kidney diseases

3. High blood pressure, may cause stroke

4. Nerve damage

5. Non healing wounds might lead to gangrene

6. Heart problems

Along with the above and other physical complications it can also lead to mental conditions that require immediate attention.

1. Depression

2. Anxiety

3. High Stress levels

Although the family members of the patient are constantly worried and concerned, sometimes it so happens that the patient is not vocal about their anxiety or any other physical issues they might be facing because of diabetes. Patients tend to shy away from taking help even though they know that it is needed. It is vital to ask for help without thinking twice.

Trusting your family members and friends to be your support system will help you ease your journey of managing this disease. It will also motivate you to maintain a routine to suit your condition in order to not worsen it. Diabetes can be kept in control with the right kind of health measures and habits.

Preventing diabetes from entering your life is possible with the right kind of lifestyle, fitness routine and giving health a priority above all. A few ways diabetes can be managed and controlled are:

1. Cutting down on foods containing high sugar

2. Reducing carbohydrates from your diet

3. Working out religiously and consistently

4. Drinking water as the main beverage to keep your body hydrated

5. Being cautious about your weight, taking right measures to reduce weight if obese

6. By quitting smoking

7. Watching the meal sizes

8. Avoiding sedentary lifestyle

9. Consuming high fiber foods

10. Higher intakes of Vitamins, supplements if required

11. Minimizing consumption of fast food, fried food and processed food

To keep a control on your blood sugar levels by maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be easy by making it a habit instead of considering it as a burden or a limitation. For the joy of living life to the fullest it is indeed a small price to pay!

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