Critical illness insurance: Preparing for life's unforeseen challenges


11 Jan 2024

Peace of Mind with Critical Cover.

The uncertainties of the world have compelled us to be extra cautious about our health. Poor lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and lack of exercise have further added to the increasing health risks. Among these, the probability of critical illnesses cannot be ignored. While having a good lifestyle is important, along with this, health policy coverage is equally essential.

Critical illness insurance for life's unforeseen challenges

Critical illness insurance

Critical Illnesses are those that can be life-threatening and would also attract huge medical treatment costs. Health insurance mitigates the strain of severe health conditions by easing financial burdens and granting access to good quality healthcare. The right health policy coverage offers relief as it can cover hefty medical expenses. The assurance of this coverage can help alleviate stress and ensure better health outcomes during challenging health conditions.

Kotak Secure Shield by Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance is a critical illness insurance plan. The Secure Shield plan covers a range of critical diseases like cancer, liver problems, cardiac issues, and so on. The comprehensive coverage of the plan allows you to relax and focus on the treatment rather than on the expenses.

Features of a critical illness insurance plan:

While the features of a critical illness insurance plan can vary from plan to plan, listed below are some common features:

  1. Lump-sum payout

Critical illnesses like cancer or cardiac problems can be overwhelming for the whole family. In such a situation, the very first thing that may cause panic is the upcoming medical expenses. To help you cope with it, Kotak Secure Shield offers an immediate lump-sum payout if any listed disease is diagnosed.

This means you need not wait for the medical treatment to submit bills. The sum insured is released upon diagnosis of the disease. It is a pre-decided financial protection that you receive as per the chosen plan.

  1. Income substitute

If the breadwinner of the family gets sick, managing expenses at home can become a tough task, too. Using the lump sum amount of your policy, you can manage immediate expenses as well. You can use the received amount for medical care or as an income substitute.

  1. Accident cover

You can get the add-on of personal accident cover along with the critical illness cover. In case the policyholder passes away due to an accident, the family is provided with a death benefit sum amount.

  1. Lifelong renewability

Critical illness insurance like Kotak Secure Shield is a healthcare protection that you may wish for longer. So, to let you avail yourself of the coverage of the plan as long as you want, Kotak Secure Shield offers lifelong renewability. All you have to do is renew the policy on time before its expiry and let us provide you with financial protection in times of need.


A health insurance plan, especially for critical illnesses, is a major source of mental peace amid a health crisis. The rising medical costs can make the situation tougher. Hence, having a health plan is always advisable.


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