Coffee – Which is better for your health?


02 Jan 2024

Coffee or Tea: A Deep Dive into Health Benefits and Risks.

Whether you are at a meeting in your office or sitting at home and browsing the health insurance from Kotak General Insurance online, a cup of coffee may be your constant companion. Many people love their cup of coffee and we have some good news for them! Did you know that the beverage has many benefits and the coffee and health correlation has received a lot of attention of late? If this interests you, read on to know more.

Health benefits of coffee

First and foremost, coffee is rich in antioxidants. It helps to eliminate the free radicals in the body and this is a big benefit of having the beverage. Additionally, coffee is also very low on carbs and calories, so it doesn't contribute to any weight gain. On the other hand, coffee is said to be helpful for weight loss. It helps burn calories, provided you don't load up your cup of coffee with added sugars or dairy products.

Choosing the perfect cup of coffee

The amount of health benefits you derive from coffee depends on choosing the right brew. There are mainly two types of brews - hot and cold. While hot brew coffees have a higher amount of antioxidants, you find more caffeine in cold brews. Cold brew coffees are also good in reducing acid reflux and other gut issues.

Health benefits of tea

Tea is another very popular beverage and has its own set of health benefits. You can get antioxidants from tea. This apart, tea contains L-theanine, a potent antioxidant that can actively stimulate your brain. This helps you to relax and let go of your stress, making tea a very beneficial drink. Tea also makes you more alert and raises your concentration level. In some cases, tea can also promote good sleep.

Tea vs. coffee - Health comparison

While tea and coffee both have their own set of health benefits, you can choose any one beverage, based on your needs and preferences. For example, if you want to feel more energised and fight off the feeling of sleepiness, go for a cup of coffee. If you want to reduce your stress, tea would work well for you.

However, it is very important to note that both coffee and tea lose their health benefits when you load up the cups with sugars and fats. To get the best result, have black tea or coffee and get all the health benefits. If you add sugar, flavours, high-fat milk, whipped cream, etc, the additives saturate your beverage with unwanted fats and calories and this negates the health benefits of these drinks.

Tea and coffee impact - The verdict

When consumed in moderation and in their original, unadulterated states, both coffee and tea offer several health benefits. But if consumed in large quantities, the beverages may adversely affect your health. Choose your cuppa wisely and give your body and mind a lot of pampering, while enjoying the satisfying flavours in your mouth.

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