Claim denied: Top 5 reasons your health insurance claims might face rejection


30 Aug 2023

Navigating Health Insurance Claim Rejections: Understanding the Common Pitfalls.

At times, the frustration of a claim denial can be overwhelming. Understanding the common reasons behind health insurance claim rejections can help you navigate the process more effectively. In this blog post, we will explore the top five reasons your health insurance claims might face rejection and provide tips on how to avoid these pitfalls.

  • Non-disclosure of pre-existing conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition and fail to mention it when applying for insurance, your claim might be denied. One of the leading causes of claim denials is the non-disclosure or misrepresentation of pre-existing medical conditions during the application process.

Tip: Always provide accurate and complete information when applying for health insurance. Transparency is crucial and disclosing pre-existing conditions ensures that you have the right coverage.

  • Waiting period not served

A waiting period for specific treatments is applicable, including those related to pre-existing conditions. If you file a claim for a treatment covered under the waiting period, it will likely be rejected.

Tip: Keep track of your policy's terms and conditions, and only file claims for treatments that are eligible under your policy. Be patient and aware of waiting periods.

  • Non-network hospitals

If you seek treatment at a hospital outside of this network without prior authorization, your claim may be denied or you may receive reduced coverage. Health insurance policies often have a network of preferred hospitals and healthcare providers.

Tip: If necessary, obtain pre-authorization for treatment outside the network, especially in emergencies. Familiarize yourself with the network hospitals covered by your policy.

  • Lack of proper documentation

Inadequate or missing documentation is another common reason for claim rejections. Detailed records are required, including medical bills, prescriptions and diagnostic reports, to process claims accurately.

Tip: Submit complete documentation along with your claim to avoid any rejection due to insufficient paperwork. Keep records of all medical expenses and treatment-related documents.

Are you confused on how to file your health insurance claim? Don’t let the process of documentation scare you! Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to make the claim process simple and stress-free.

  • Policy lapse or non-payment

If you fail to pay your premiums on time and your policy lapses, any claims filed during that period will be denied. Your health insurance policy requires regular premium payments to remain active.

Tip: If you miss a payment, contact your insurer to discuss reinstating the policy. Set reminders for premium due dates and ensure timely payments to maintain continuous coverage.

Bonus tip: Review your policy carefully

Policies can vary widely, so knowing what is covered, what isn't, and any applicable deductibles or copayments can help you avoid unnecessary claim denials. Before filing a claim, carefully review your health insurance policy to ensure you understand its terms, conditions and coverage limitations.


Facing a health insurance claim denial can be frustrating and stressful. However, understanding the reasons behind claim rejections with kotak general insurance and taking proactive steps to prevent them can significantly improve your insurance experience. By being vigilant and informed, you can increase the likelihood of successful health insurance claims when it comes to your healthcare coverage.

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