Child health insurance: Securing your child's future


12 Jan 2024

Ensuring Health for Your Little Ones.

Health insurance for kids is just as important as health insurance for adults. Health problems are on the rise and everyone needs an insurance cushion to rely on. Thankfully, there are some excellent insurance options for newborns and children and as a parent, there is a lot you can do to ensure the health of your little one is protected. Leading Indian insurers like Kotak General Insurance bring exciting health insurance coverage. Read on to know more.

Health insurance for child's future


  1. Included in the family floater plan

The first and the most important point to note here is that there are no individual health; plans available for minors in India. To cover a child under health insurance, he or she needs to be included in a family floater plan, where either of the parents is the proposer. This is how you can get child health insurance.

  1. Comprehensive coverage

The coverage available under the family floater plans is very comprehensive, which include the paediatric insurance cover. You get in-patient care, OPD covers, daycare covers, domiciliary covers and so on. For newborns and small children, you even get important covers such as vaccination covers and NICU covers.

  1. Flexible

The child health insurance covers are quite flexible and can be customised as per your specific needs. For example, if your child has a critical illness, you can opt for the critical illness rider and make it more beneficial for his health needs.


  1. Health cover

As mentioned above, health insurance is crucial for everyone. You never know when a medical emergency can strike. And with the rising cost of health care, it becomes difficult to afford the best treatment without insurance. Hence, you must invest in a family floater plan that even has coverage of medical insurance for newborns. No matter how old your child is, he or she will always receive the best care as soon as there is a need, and this is a huge assurance.

  1. Financial cover (money kept for the child’s future)

No one is more important to you than your precious children, so you would never let anything happen to them. However, if they get sick and you don't have insurance, you may be forced to spend the money you saved for their bright future.

  1. Emergency care

Trouble often comes unannounced so you have to stay prepared. Get a floater mediclaim plan and keep your children protected. Such plans not only offer health insurance for newborns but also coverage for the senior citizens in the family. You get to keep everyone safe with just one policy.

To sum it up

There Is no substitute for being safe and keeping the health of your loved ones secured. Your children are the light and joy of your life, so cover their health with a good pediatric insurance cover available in a floater health plan from leading insurers like Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance.

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