Annual medical check-ups in health insurance: What's covered


27 Nov 2023

Securing Wellness: Unveiling the Significance of Annual Health Check-ups in Insurance Plans

It is very important to get health insurance with health check-ups. An annual health check-up allows you to understand your medical condition and take precautionary measures when needed. An annual health check is very crucial and no one should skip it. However, many people step away from it because of the expenses. But now you can find some excellent health insurance plans that cover these check-ups. Let’s find out more in the article below.

What is an annual health check-up?

Medical check-ups done once every year are known as annual health checks. These health evaluations are done by professional health care practitioners who run various tests such as blood tests, sonographies and scans to determine if there is any illness in your body.

Importance of an annual health check-up

It is very important to get yearly medical check-ups. When you undergo such a check, you get the following benefits:

  1. Prevention is better than cure

It is always better to stop an illness before it strikes you and makes you extremely unwell. When you undergo a medical evaluation with the help of a health checkup insurance plan, your doctor can identify the presence of any stimulus in your body that can cause harm. It can then be prevented from blowing up into something serious. This is a major reason why preventive health checks are so important.

  1. Early diagnosis

Many serious illnesses, including certain types of cancer, can be cured when diagnosed in their early stages. If you happen to have any such illness, it can be detected in a health check and you can get a good chance at recovery.

  1. Tax rebate

You can claim up to INR 25,000 as a tax rebate under Section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act, for the payment made towards health checks. This is another reason why you should consider getting one.

Get your yearly health check-up done and enjoy all the aforementioned benefits with ease.

Health insurance with annual health checkups

As mentioned above, some people step away from a health check-up because they feel it is too expensive. The good news here is that health insurance with annual health checkups is available and you can buy such a policy quite easily. When you get this coverage, you can make a claim under your health insurance policy for the following:

  1. Blood tests including CBC, liver function test, blood sugar test, lipid profile, etc.

  2. Sonography

  3. X-Ray

  4. ECG, EEG, Stress test and other cardiac evaluations

  5. PFT

As you can see, the health insurance with health check-up option is quite useful. You can make a claim for the expenses incurred and get yourself checked thoroughly every year.


As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, health insurance with free medical check-up is a wonderful feature that you must look out for. There are many health insurance companies in India like Kotak health insurance that offer this facility, so check out the plans and make a suitable purchase.

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