AI in health insurance - Here’s what you need to know!


12 Jun 2023

Unleashing the Potential: AI's Impact on Health Insurance

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a program programmed to simulate human intelligence and perform tasks like data analysis, decision making, and many more. AI is transforming the way the world works. You can find it everywhere - from education to healthcare to art because of its quick & error-free evaluation ability.

Here, let us see how AI in health insurance has transformed the industry.

What is the role of AI in health insurance?

Artificial intelligence bridges the insurer and you to ensure you get the right information sitting at home. This helps in faster and swifter service, which, in turn, increases the brand value of the insurance company. Below is the role of AI in health insurance -

  • Chatbots

Chatbots can be powered by artificial intelligence systems, facilitating user interaction with insurers. They can produce immediate answers to various questions and find solutions to several typical issues relating to health insurance claims, paperwork, goods, and more. AI enables superior customer service management that is accessible around the clock. In turn, this may allow insurers to cut administrative expenses.

  • Personalised health insurance plan

Depending on your personal history data and present-day medical circumstances, AI can assist you in choosing the ideal policy for you. It can also help insurers in designing personalized health insurance policies for specific clients. By doing so, you may choose a health insurance plan that effectively meets your needs without paying for any services you might not use.

  • Cost-effective

The expense of avoidable healthcare costs caused by unhealthy habits is being decreased by insurers utilizing AI to propose good behaviors and habits like exercise and diet.

  • Faster claim settlement

Genuine claims identification takes time and effort if done offline or manually. But, AI in health insurance has the potential to impact how quickly claims are processed in the future significantly. AI in health insurance can spot false claims and rely heavily on past data to improve efficiency.

  • Effective fraud detection

Apart from all the above-mentioned roles of AI in health insurance, it can also examine data and learn to classify it. AI can make it simpler to spot false claims. As a result, insurers may see significant cost savings. They will also be able to resolve legitimate claims more quickly because of their better decision-making and intelligence.


The use of AI in health insurance is a significant invention that hastened advancements and reshaped the dynamic between policyholders and insurers. The user experience is improved and made more efficient, and processes are simpler. Even if there is still much room for improvement, it is obvious that artificial intelligence will help health insurance continue to offer better client services.

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