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The joy of holding your child is second to none when you become a parent. But, with this bundle of joy and happiness comes the responsibility of caring for your child. A child becomes the paramount priority of parents.

Have you ever thought that if you are not around, who will take care of your child's health-related problems and the costs?

With children’s day around the corner, the greatest gift you can present your child is a health insurance plan. A health insurance plan is the beginning of a child's financial and overall security. As rightly said, the future of the country is its children. It becomes an indispensable duty to ensure the good health of the nation. Life is uncertain almost all the time, and nobody wants to take a chance when it comes to the health of their children.

After the pandemic has affected millions of lives across the world, people have resorted to health insurance plans for their safety. Inflation is at its peak, and meeting your goals for your child’s well-being can be done more effectively and without pinching your pockets by opting for health insurance. It has a double benefit to it. It saves costs and maintains your financial goals while securing your child's health for the future. When it comes to sheltering your child with health insurance, you can opt for a child health insurance plan.

Advantages of a child health insurance plan

Let us discover some advantages of investing in a child health insurance plan.

1. Planning finances:

With a health insurance plan, you can be prepared for any sort of emergency related to the health of your child. It saves a humungous amount of medical bill costs and also secures your child's future.

2. Cashless treatments:

With the rising trends in medical expenses, you may or may not have a significant amount of liquidity as and when required. It becomes easy if you choose a cashless medical insurance plan.

3. Tax benefits:

When people pay premiums, they are entitled to certain tax benefits while filing income tax returns. Providing tax benefits is an initiative to promote the advantages of opting for health insurance.

Premiums paid towards health insurance plans for self, spouse and dependent children is tax-free up to Rs 25,000 per annum. Premiums paid for dependent parents qualify for an additional tax benefit.

4. Access to quality treatment:

With a health insurance policy, you can get access to quick and cashless treatment with the best brand of hospitals in the country. In case of hospitalisation or mental health care facilities to be opted for during treatments, the expenses are covered by child health insurance plans.


Buying health care insurance will cost you some extra money in a year. But the worries it takes away related to the health of your child, outweigh the costs incurred. With the increase in variants of different diseases around the globe, your child should be insured with a proper plan. Kotak General Insurance plans are one of the leading insurance plans in the market. Every parent wants their child to be protected from any kind of harm. This Children's Day, you can present your child with a protection cover in the form of insurance.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for education and informational purpose only, none of the information contained in our blog amounts to any form of opinion or advice. Please go through policy related documents carefully or consult an expert before making any insurance-related decisions.


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