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16 Jun 2023

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Maternal health is referred to as the woman's health during her pregnancy, childbirth, and a few weeks afterward. Each stage should be a safer and more fulfilling experience, ensuring women and their babies reach their full potential of health and well-being.

What is a maternity health Insurance plan?

Maternity health insurance, also known as a pregnancy health insurance plan, is a type of insurance policy offering coverage for all pregnancy-related expenses, including normal and c-section delivery costs. Some insurance policies provide pregnancy coverage with pre and postnatal and newborn baby expenses under their maternity insurance policy. Moreover, some corporates offer maternity insurance benefits along with the best health insurance plan or as a rider to their female employees.

You can also choose maternity insurance as an additional rider or add-on with your existing health insurance plan. Pregnancy health insurance covers expenses for both cesarean and normal delivery.

Importance of pregnancy health insurance plan

Adding a maternity add-on can be an excellent idea for a woman with a health insurance plan. With increasing pollution, contamination of food and water, and deteriorating health statistics around the globe, a maternity insurance plan can give mothers an added edge and peace of mind.

In addition, the benefits of cashless hospitalisation, especially in case of complicated c-section deliveries, can be a respite to parents during chaotic times. Pregnancy health insurance plans also cover postnatal medical care, ensuring that the newborn baby has a financial cushion to fall back on right from the start.

Important things that you should know before buying a maternity insurance plan

A health insurance policy that offers maternity benefits includes all the expenses listed below. However, the degree of coverage may vary.

  • Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses

The policy provides coverage against expenses incurred before the hospitalisation of the insured person. Post-hospitalisation coverage means the policy would take care of the newborn and mother post-delivery.

  • Comprehensive coverage

Pregnancy health insurance covers the expenses for delivery, hospital stay, medicines, and more. The maternity insurance plan covers ambulance charges during an emergency.

  • Newborn Care

The policy coverage is extended to newborns if they are diagnosed with any kind of critical illness.

  • Hospitalisation coverage

Any pregnancy-related costs incurred 30 days prior, and 60 days post-hospitalisation are covered under the plan.

  • Vaccination cover

Some maternity insurance plans additionally provide reimbursement for costs related to the newborn's required vaccinations. Most health insurance plans only provide this coverage for a calendar year, but others extend it for up to twelve years.

  • Quick claim settlement

Get a quick claim settlement with a single point of contact for treatments taken at non-network hospitals.

  • Tax Savings

Avail tax exemption up to Rs.60,000 under section 80D of the income tax act,1961.


If you are planning on buying a pregnancy health insurance plan, now is the time to get one. Also, if you recently got married and are planning on having kids, do not delay in purchasing maternity insurance to ensure the safety of yourself and your newborn baby.

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