9 tips for staying physically and mentally healthy at home


21 Jul 2023

Read about 9 Tips for staying physically and Mentally Healthy at home such as eating healthy food. Check out the health insurance plans from Kotak General Insurance.

The pandemic forced everyone all over the world to stay at home. However, now that the pandemic restrictions are not there, working from home has become the new norm. More and more people now prefer to work from home if their job allows. Staying and working in the comfort of home may give you much flexibility and more time with family, but it also removes you from the outside world and makes you inactive.

Excessive sitting and no movement can cause weight gain and increased blood sugar and blood pressure. So, to avoid such health conditions, staying active is essential when working from home. In addition, be prepared for any medical situation by investing in health insurance for you and your family.

Let us discuss some tips to help you stay physically and mentally healthy at home.

Tips for your physical and mental health while working at home

Below are some basic tips you can follow to stay physically fit at home.

1. Follow a routine -

Following a routine helps in developing good habits as well as keeps you more organised, and leaves you with more free time for yourself. If you have a set time for your daily activities, you will never miss doing any routine work. It makes organising your workload much easier.

2. Take out some time for physical activity -

Find time to exercise or indulge in any physical activity of your choice, like yoga, walking, jogging, dancing or playing a sport. Do whatever suits you at a time of your choice so that you stick to it. It not only keeps you physically fit but also keeps your spirits high. Many health insurance plans offer rewards if you take care of your health and do physical activities.

3. Eat healthy, nutritious food -

Avoid eating unhealthy snacks at home. You can have fresh and hot meals, juices and fruit when you are at home. You can have small frequent meals rather than having 2-3 heavy meals. Plan your meals beforehand, concentrate more on fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

4. Have enough sleep -

A good 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required for your overall productivity and good health. Set a time for going to bed and getting up in the morning.

5. Set aside some time for a hobby -

Hobbies are a great way to destress and keep our creative juices running. Do something away from a screen for at least 1 hour in your day. It may be reading, listening to music, cooking, gardening, writing, painting, or anything you like that relaxes your mind.

6. Get ready and create an environment for work -

Even if you work from home, create a workspace and get ready every day, don’t just get out of bed and start your work. It is good for your health and shows that you respect your work and takes it seriously.

7. Go out and socialise -

Working from home doesn’t mean you cannot socialise. Go for outings with friends. Meet your colleagues and occasionally have offline meetings instead of having zoom calls. Create a balance between online and offline connections.

8. Use your free time wisely -

Working from home gives you much free time, don’t just sit idle and make the most of your free time. Learn something new, be it a household chore or a new skill. Just upgrade yourself. Join a course or pursue a degree you have always wanted. This can help you greatly in your professional as well as personal life.

9. Purchase health insurance -

Even if you work from home and take care of your health, it is important to get yourself and your family a health insurance plan to protect your savings during a medical emergency. Most health insurance plans offer free health check-ups for the insured. This way, you can keep a check on your health as well.


With these self-care tips, you can make positive changes in your daily life and maintain good physical and mental health. Even if you start with a few, you will experience improved productivity. Investing in health insurance is another important thing you should do for your secure future.

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