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The ongoing pandemic took the entire world by surprise. The rate at which the virus spread along with the millions of deaths has been overwhelming for a lot of countries. It is in such times that the importance of having a sound health insurance plan becomes even more evident. Health insurance plans can enable the insured to receive the best treatment out there, without worrying about expenses. To cater to the pandemic, a lot of insurance companies have curated COVID-10 specific health insurance plans and you can choose to buy them as well.

Here are the 8 most asked questions regarding the deadly virus along with the answers.

1. What is Coronavirus?

It is a family of viruses that can impact animals and humans alike. In humans, it can start with a common cold and result in SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) or MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). According to the World Health Organisation, the virus can be fatal in 2 percent of the total cases. With more than 6 million deaths globally, it is deadly.

2. How does it spread?

The virus is highly contagious and can easily spread from human to human. If an infected person coughs or even exhaled breath contains respiratory droplets, which then become the carrier of the virus. The virus also spreads via contaminated surfaces. Research has shown that even asymptomatic people can spread Covid-19 virus. The virus does not spread from animals to humans.

3. What are some symptoms of Coronavirus?

The most common symptoms of Coronavirus include fatigue, fever, and dry cough. These symptoms can be mild at first and develop gradually.

4. How to protect yourself from Covid-19?

The first way to safeguard yourself from coronavirus is to get yourself vaccinated, wear masks in public places and maintain social distancing. Also, remember to wash your hands with soap and water and avoid touching your nose and mouth.

5. Does it live on surfaces for a long time?

Though there haven’t been any definitive answers to this yet, the WHO believes the virus can persist on surfaces for anywhere between a few hours to even a few days.

6. Were bats the sources of Coronavirus?

According to the WHO, bats are perceived to be the source of the COVID-19 virus but they haven’t been able to identify the intermediate host yet. Though some scientists believe pangolins were the intermediates, it has not been proven yet.

7. What is MERS?

It is a respiratory disorder that was caused by a virus similar to coronavirus that took place in the middle east in 2012. The medical condition first appeared in Saudi Arabia and it is thought to have been transmitted from camels.


Coronavirus took the world with surprise and disrupted life like nothing else in the recent past. To add to this, the number of deaths all over the world made the situation worse. It was difficult to know what is working and what is not but taking adequate measures and opting for a health insurance plan are our safest bets in the tough times. A health insurance plan can protect you and your loved one from coronavirus and a lot of other medical conditions thereby enabling you to lead a healthy and normal life.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for education and informational purpose only, none of the information contained in our blog amounts to any form of opinion or advice. Please go through policy related documents carefully or consult an expert before making any insurance-related decisions.


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