5 Things to know about maternity health insurance


20 May 2023

Understanding Maternity Health Insurance: 5 Key Factors to Consider for Comprehensive Coverage

Maternity is a crucial time for the entire family, especially women. It is just the beginning of a long journey of motherhood, and it requires a lot of attention and care. And pregnancy comes with its own sets of fears and risks. These can be security related, financial, or about sheer uncertainty of what the future holds. The presence of a health insurance plan can make a lot of difference in such times.

Medical expenses during pregnancy can also be a worry for some. From regular monthly check-ups to hospital bills till the baby is delivered, pregnancy is not cheap. These all expenses can add up and can be a burden if not accounted for. Buying a health insurance plan can save you from such a financial burden.

5 Must-Know things about maternity insurance

Maternity insurance can either be a standalone insurance policy or an add-on for a health insurance plan. And they both cover expenses related to the birth of a child for a specified duration. Maternity insurance usually covers both normal and C-section deliveries. Here are 5 things you must know about them.

1. Inclusions

Here are some of the standard offerings of a maternity insurance plan.

- Room rent cover

- Expenses related to ambulance

- Important tests

- Medication

- Daycare procedures

- Cost of delivery (normal and C-section)

- Cover for the newborn baby

- Pre-natal expenses

- Post-natal expenses

- Expenses related to follow-up visits

2. Waiting period

The typical waiting period for maternity coverage in health insurance plans is between 2 and 6 years. Thus, buying a policy at the earliest is highly recommended. Depending on the policy type and insurer, the waiting period can be a few days as well. Buying early is a safe bet.

3. Relaxed parenthood

The moment you buy a maternity cover, it leads to more relaxed parenthood. You no longer need to worry about the different financial expenses. You can focus on taking excellent care of your health and preparing for the arrival of the little one.

4. Pre and post-hospitalisation cover

Since pregnancy is over a period, a policy that offers pre and post-hospitalisation expenses is advisable. Pre-hospitalisation will cover expenses before hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation will cover expenses after discharge from the hospital. These might not be significant expenses but can surely add up.

5. Policy premium

The cost of the premium of maternity benefits can be a bit higher than that of health insurance plans. And it mostly comes down to the numerous benefits that the plan has to offer. Even though the premiums are a bit higher, the benefits far outweigh the policy premiums. The plan aims at making parenthood a financially stress-free experience.


The cost of delivery is constantly on the rise, and it will only go up in the future. If you are planning for a child, opting for maternity benefit insurance would make the process stress free. It will ensure that you can focus on the delivery and the newborn, instead of worrying about expenses.

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