5 Reasons to Choose A Healthier Lifestyle Starting This International Day of Yoga


17 Jun 2022

5 reasons to choose fitness on International Yoga Day & health/mental health benefits from Yoga. Check out the health insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

The constant evolution in medical sciences have made it possible to treat every ailment if not cure. And availing the advanced healthcare systems, medical treatments are all possible with a health insurance policy. Although medical treatments and health insurance policies are necessary, but one cannot deny the adage “Prevention is better than Cure”. A preventive approach to keep away any disease through fitness is necessary. Nothing can make you more fit and healthy than yoga.

It is one of the most ancient forms of exercise that provides a complete workout to the body and also helps calm the mind. Many healthcare practitioners worldwide have corroborated the health benefits of Yoga. It makes you more mentally aware, physically stronger and improves your flexibility.

The International Day of Yoga is celebrated every year on June 21. It is the United Nations initiative to celebrate the physical and spiritual prowess of Yoga and its various health benefits. Today, as more and more people become vulnerable to various lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer, many health experts recommend practising Yoga every day.

One of the best things about Yoga is that you need not be a pro to practise it; you can practise simple Yoga routine every day while you are working in the kitchen or in the office and inculcate the habit into your lifestyle. You can start your work out at home with simple stretches like neck rotation, wrist and finger stretches, seating and side stretches, shoulder stretches or some restorative pose that helps you calm your mind while returning to your daily work with more zeal. There are innumerable online tutorials and guides that can help you get started. It is high time that you start to #FlexYourFlexibility, and start doing Yoga to be fit, and reduce the risk of various diseases.

Let us look at the benefits of practising Yoga.

• Improves sleep

Many doctors worldwide suggest that lack of sleep or erratic sleeping pattern is one of the most common causes of various diseases. Today, in the current fast-paced life, many people find it hard to get enough sleep. However, by practising yoga every day, you can sleep better.

• Alleviates back pain

Many youngsters suffer from various back-related issues mainly because of long hours of sitting in the same place. But there is plenty of scientific evidence that suggests yoga improves flexibility, strength and alleviates back problems.

• Boosts mental health

Yoga is a combination of meditation, relaxation and exercise. It helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

• Improves cardiac health

The heart is one of the critical organs in the body. Research suggests that heart diseases are one of the major causes of all deaths worldwide. Hence, it is vital that you keep your heart healthy for a longer life. The best way to maintain cardiac health is to control your diet and engage in yoga every day.

• Makes your joints stronger

Yoga involves low-impact body movements that allow you to use your joints without hurting them. In contrast, regularly practising yoga strengthens the muscles and the joints surrounding them.

While the benefits of yoga are many and the experts recommend practising it every day, you cannot be completely immune to diseases. Hence, it is pivotal that you be prepared for all kinds of health emergencies and have a health insurance policy with a sum assured for you and your family members.

Health insurance helps you get financial protection against the medical expenses, and you get high quality treatment without worrying about the cost. If you are looking for the best health insurance policy, you can consider buying a policy from Kotak General Insurance. You have plenty of choices, and you can choose health insurance to suit your specific needs.

So now that you have a health insurance to cover you during any of your health emergencies, keeping your body fit and healthy is a way to avoid these emergencies. You are in charge of your own body, and you must preserve and protect it by choosing a way that keeps your body fit and healthy.

So, on this Yoga day, you can take a pledge to practise yoga every day and take a step forward to living a healthier, longer and better life. Also, make sure that you have robust health insurance coverage in place for your family to deal with emergencies that may occur anytime.

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