10 Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy During Monsoons


30 Jun 2022

Here are 10 healthy tips for the monsoon to ensure mental and physical well-being. Check out the health insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

The monsoon season also brings with it many health maladies. The sudden change of weather may make you vulnerable to many diseases. It is only when you are healthy that you can fulfil your aspirations. Taking care of one’s health is as valuable as wealth. So, here are some of the pre-monsoon health care tips.

1. Before the seasonal showers commence, ensure that you keep your home and the surroundings sparkling clean. If you have an open balcony or a terrace, clean it regularly with a disinfectant and maintain a sanitary environment. This will help in preventing mosquito breeding and keep you and your family safe from dangerous diseases like malaria and dengue, which are quite common during the monsoon season.

2. Most of the illnesses during the monsoon season are caused due to consumption of impure water. This can make you vulnerable to diseases like typhoid, diarrhoea, among others. Always drink purified/boiled water.

3. Make sure that you stock your wardrobe with monsoon-specific clothes and footwear to keep your skin protected from coming in contact with the dirt and the puddles of water that form during the monsoon.

4. Keep your kitchen and refrigerator stocked with healthy and immune-boosting food items. This will make your body resistant to infections. Make sure to have a healthy diet and consume lots of veggies and fruits. You can also have herbal tea to protect yourself from sore throat, cough, and cold.

5. Monsoon is also an apt time to indulge in tempting street foods. But you need to be extra cautious because of the health risks associated with it. It is always best to cook your favourite meal at home and enjoy it with your family members.

6. Avoid eating pre-cut fruits as well as buying pre-cut vegetables. This is because bacteria and germs tend to accumulate in the food and pose a health risk.

7. We all have heard this since our childhood & ever since the pandemic hit the world, i.e., sanitize & wash your hands regularly.” Practicing good hand hygiene is the best way to avoid getting in touch with germs as well as prevent the beginning of any illness.

8. If you are sick, it is best to stay at home. It pays off to be extra protective when you are down with a common cold, fever, or any illness. In case you come in contact with someone who has viral symptoms, maintain distance to avoid getting sick.

9. Although you may take precautionary measures to avoid getting sick, you cannot be completely immune to the diseases. Hence, it is vital that you get a comprehensive health insurance policy with a high sum assured for you and your family. This will help you get financial protection against the treatment expenses. If you already have a policy, make sure that you renew it on time so that you always have coverage.

10. Follow a healthy routine to ensure mental and physical well-being. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet, sprouts, and vitamin c-rich fruits. Workout on a regular basis, get plenty of sleep & take less stress.

The final note:

Above are some of the pre-monsoon health tips that will help to keep some of the health issues at bay. Nowadays, it is best to secure yourself and your loved ones with adequate health insurance coverage so that in case of an emergency, you will be compensated by the insurer for the medical expenses. Plus, your savings will remain intact. So, choose your health insurance cover from Kotak General Insurance and avail several benefits.

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