10 Preventative Measures for Diabetes - World Diabetes Day


06 Jun 2023

Take Charge of Your Health with These 10 Preventative Measures for Diabetes

The pandemic has changed the way we care for our health. With almost everyone facing the risk of getting infected, people with lifestyle diseases are a lot more worried. The health insurance business has boomed since the pandemic hit us.

The figures in 2019 showed that 77 million individuals were diagnosed with diabetes in India. Near ¹57% of the individuals in the population are still undiagnosed, and the above figure is expected to rise to ² 134 million by 2045. Diabetes has become a global reason for disability and death in the population and even affects the younger generations.

Diabetes is a mute assassin. Your lifestyle choices are very important for preventing diabetes.

The article describes some prominent ways in which you can prevent diabetes and opt for a healthy lifestyle.

Preventive measures:

Some preventive measures one can follow that are effective in combating & helps how to control diabetes are given below

  1. Give up on the sedentary lifestyle.

No matter how burdensome it may be to start a regular workout. Procrastination can lead to serious health issues after the age of 30. Have a disciplined approach towards being active throughout the day. This helps to regulate insulin functions in the body.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking, apart from causing pulmonary disorders, has been shown to cause insulin resistance. This increases the risk of diabetes in adults.

  1. Enhance Vitamin D levels

It is essential to have the required vitamin D levels for managing blood sugar. Supplementing can help to keep up the levels and prevent diabetes.

  1. Caffeine Intake

Drinking your daily coffee and tea has real benefits when it comes to preventing diabetes when consumed without adding sugar. This is a lifesaver for all coffee and tea lovers. These beverages are high in antioxidants and may help to avoid diabetes.

  1. Avoid Processed Foods

One of the reasons why the youth face a high risk of diabetes is the consumption of processed foods. Cutting on processed and packed foods can significantly lower the risk of any lifestyle disease.

  1. Drinking water frequently

With the increase in screen time and sugary drinks available readily, people tend to choose cold and sugary beverages. Water should be resorted to as the primary beverage to avoid sugar imbalance in the body.

  1. Eating plant foods

Choosing to eat plant foods provides the required carbs, fibre and vitamins to the body. It is low in fat and aids in easier absorption of nutrients by the body leading to maintained body weight and overall health.

  1. Losing the extra weight

Losing weight can lower the risk of diabetes and enhance holistic well-being.

  1. Avoid fad diets

Fad diets can deplete some essential nutrients in your food. This increases the risk of being exposed to diseases.

  1. Preventive checkups

Regular visits to your health care provider can help you detect any abnormalities in the blood sugar levels and take immediate action.


Since it is a lifestyle disease, nutrition, the way you plan your workouts and your mobility throughout the day has a lot to do with getting affected by it. It is recommended that you opt for health insurance plans to safeguard your finances while can consider implementing all the preventive measures.

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